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May 6th

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Shihori Turns Disability Into

‘Perfect Imperfection’

For Charity [Video]

 It’s a wonderful song,

telling a story we need

to hear right now more

than ever. 

Shihori Encourages


With New Single,

‘Perfect Imperfection’

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Shihori is an artist

that should serve as an inspiration to all.

Shihori blends her exquisite

voice with future bass, pop,

and EDM flavors to generate

a dazzling indie-pop treasure brimming with visceral energy.

 It’s an avant-garde anthem where the siren-like vocals of Shihori channel the art of self-love and turning what may be considered

as disability into an

empowering source. 

In the final minute, 

Perfect Imperfections hits

a high note of dynamic talent,

with Shihori’s vocals blaring

like fireworks in an

afternoon sky.

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Image by Pawel Nolbert





Singer & Songwriter, Pianist and Actress, based in LA


SHIHORI is an international pop singer/songwriter from Japan who composes and performs solo work, as well as music for film, TV, anime and games. 


She’s best known for her collaborations with Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and Kohei Tanaka (One Piece). She has written and composed over 100 songs for her home country’s best known contemporary artists such as Nana Mizuki, Momoiro Clover Z, Buono!, and for such famed shows as Fairy Tail, My Little Pony, Macross Frontier and The Irregular at Magic High School.


Many of her releases have made the Oricon Chart in Japan with 11 of her hits having attained Gold Disc Certification. Her 3rd single “Never End Wonderland” which released after her debut in 2007 under the pseudonym “Sena,” is her most personally meaningful achievement and ranked #5 and #8 on the Oricon Singles Daily and Weekly charts, in 2009.


Born deaf in one ear (but with perfect pitch in the other) and with Asperger Syndrome, she serves as both an inspiration and ambassador for people struggling with disabilities. Her main mission through her music and life is, “to spread love” since it’s her belief all problems and solutions in life connect to this core value.


In 2018 she moved to the U.S. where she’s performed extensively and has recently enjoyed international success performing lead vocals on composer Mason Lieberman’s charity single “The Real Folk Blues” (#6 on the Billboard World Digital Chart). She also composed and performed the “Battle Queens 2020” theme song for the popular game League of Legends (over 1 million Spotify streams).


Shihori has released one EP and multiple singles in America and her music video “Invisible” was awarded “Best Dance Music Video,” “Best Actress” and “Honorable Mention Best Love Song Music Video” at the Rome Music Video Awards. Other awards include “Best Music Video” at the Aber International Film Festival and “Honorable Mention Best Asian Music Video” at the Euro Music Video Song Awards.


Her recently released first full album “Mutation” (2021) represents her journey of personal change and transcendence in the next evolution of herself.



Japan Tour
Shihori Japan Tour 2015
Shihori Japan Tour 2017
Shihori Japan Tour 2018
United States

2010 Otakon 2010 (Baltimore)
2012 Santa Fe Jin Festival 2012
Feb  2016 J-Summit @Bowery Electric 
May 2016 J-Summit @Bowery Electric

Mar 12th    J-Summit @The Bitter End
Apr 13th   Japan Fes @Ramen Jiro
Apr 14th   NY Ramen Contest & International Food Avenue
Apr 27th   Shihori 1st Solo Concert @Club Bonafide
Jun 13th   Shihori 2nd Solo Concert @Silvana Harlem
Jun 23th   Shihori 3rd Solo Concert @Club Bonafide
Oct 20th     Real Sexy Varietry Party @Arlo Nomad Hotel
Nov 4th      J-Summit @The Bitter End
Nov 12th   Martina Feserova Featuring Shihori @Sidewalk Cafe

Feb 10th   Shihori 1st Anniversary in NY Solo Concert  @The Bitter End 
Mar 23rd  Real Sexy Variety Party @Arlo Nomad Hotel

2010 August  Otakon 2010  (U.S. Baltimore)
2012 April  Santa Fe JIN Festival 2012 (U.S. Santa Fe)
2014 Oct  Japan Cultural Festival  Vietnam (Vietnam) 
Jan 16th  Culture Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Feb 23rd  Japan Night in NY
Apr 13th  TEKKO CON 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA)
Apr 28th  Sakura Matsuri 2019 (Brooklyn, NY)
May 11th Culture Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
June 7-9th Anime Next ( Atlantic City, NJ)
Aug 9-11th Liberty City Anime Con ( NYC, NY)
Aug 30th-Sep 1st San Japan (San Antonio, TX)
Nov 16-17th Conjutsu con (VA)


Mar  Tora con 2020 (Online)May 
May Castle Point Anime Con (Online)
July 17th  JAM at JAPAN VILLAGE (Brooklyn, NY)
Sep 2nd  Shihori Birthday and Final Concert in NY (Michiko Studio, NYC, NY)
Aug 13-15th Anime Magic! (Chicago, IL) 
Oct 28-31st  Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
Nov 19-21st  Anime NYC 
Dec 9-11th  TEKKO con (Pittsburgh, PA) 

Mar 30th Republic of Pie (Los Angeles, CA) 
April 10th Send Your Love (Salvation Army, LA, CA)

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